Is your business safe? Are you getting the services needed to keep safe and competitive in a post Covid world? The outbreak of the Covid-19 has changed the very nature of business and the digital world. This change has severe ramifications throughout all Human life, personal and professional. With this change comes many new digital threats and challenges for business, including Security, Infrastructure and Cloud issues. Luckily, with TrueIT’s Infrastructure managed services Sydney, and Cloud computing technology, you can be geared up for the post Covid world.
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Working without security is a risk. Many offices have already adopted the practical, modern, and proactive solutions to safeguard their business. Using TrueIT’s IT infrastructure managed services Sydney, they are provided with the best Security solutions to cover all angles of their business.
As a result of the Covid outbreak, businesses are more digitally centric then ever before, with many still working from home using the internet to connect with co-workers. This brings danger as hackers and data thieves are having more chances to breach the business. For this reason, an experienced managed service provider is essential.
TrueIT security solutions cover all bases with a wide variety of highly experienced industry professional partners including Trend Micro, Palo Alto, CATO Networks, Fortinet and so many more.

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TrueIT’s IT infrastructure managed services Sydney will guide you to  the best cloud infrastructure system for your business.

Let’s start with the fundamentals of IT infrastructure managed services:

  • What are IT infrastructure managed services?

IT infrastructure managed services or IT Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) are services about proactively managing and controlling technology and all relevant information and data.

  • Why is IT infrastructure managed services important today in post Covid times for business/work? How does it work?

IT infrastructure managed services (IMS) plays an important role in enabling today’s digital technology trends like Cloud, Social, Mobile, Analytics, IoT, and Cognitive Computing, which has also gained momentum in creating new business opportunities.

Nowadays, considering the ongoing pandemic, most businesses are adopting IMS to construct new and innovative businesses, upgrade business processes, connect and organise their manpower and personalize client experience.

Why does your business need IMS?

Some major benefits IMS can bring to your business are:

  • Manage your devices and networks in a rapid and adaptable way
  • Monitor and detecting of performance
  • Identifying and resolving threats to your network proactively
  • Identifying and carrying out of important repairs rapidly to reduce downtime
  • Helps to increase business performance through communication.

Resolving and providing simplified issues with minimum cost and effective reporting

Fig. 3: Migrate to Cloud Sydney CBD - Strengthen and Secure your Work Data With – IT Infrastructure Managed Services Sydney and Cloud Computing Technology Blog

Want to migrate to cloud services, but don’t understand the ins and outs of cloud computing technology? Lets start by explaining the basics.

What is cloud computing technology?

Cloud computing technology enables users to access storage, software, servers, and files through internet-connected devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Cloud computing services include:

  • SaaS – Software as a Service
  • PaaS – Platform as a Service
  • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service

TrueIT specialises in providing these services to businesses in order to organise their businesses communications and data systems.

What benefits does cloud computing give my business?

These include:

  • Cost reduction– Cloud-based applications are normally less expensive than locally installed software and legacy solutions.
  • Security- Data held in the cloud has less avenues for malicious individuals to steal it. The data is less likely to be stolen when data isn’t stored on local machines.
  • Reliability- Our trusted cloud computing partners such as Microsoft and AWS have industry leading uptime. You will also rest assured knowing that your files will be safeguarded from any accidental loss of data from external sources.

The world is changing. Does your business have the support it needs to thrive in the post pandemic world? Find out what IT Infrastructure manged services and Cloud computing can do to elevate your business.

Want to know more? Have any questions? Are you ready to migrate to cloud Sydney CBD? Contact us today and we’ll take the next step together!