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You need IT consulting and solutions that are developed and delivered with your business in mind. This is precisely what we offer here at TrueIT, as we focus on optimising our clients’ business positioning with cloud computing, infrastructure solutions, and managed services.

This means standing by your side and being there when you need us. The convergence of cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking is one of today’s key battlegrounds for business. You need the best team in your corner — you need the long-term advantages that the TrueIT team provides.

These are not ‘off the shelf’ services designed to fit any business. These are bespoke, managed services designed to drive value for your organisation — and your organisation alone.

We offer the best IT Managed Cloud Services and Solutions along with Cyber Security help in Melbourne and Sydney

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The Right Focus on Our Clients

We can’t do what we do without you. It is only after meeting with you, understading your needs, and then developing solutions to meet those needs that we can start to put your solutions into action.


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It can get a little overwhelming out there, so it’s nice to know you’ve got a partner you can rely on. Our customer service and support teams make sure you never have to do it alone. We take ownership of your issues and do our utmost to put them right, without delay.

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Partner you can rely on

Expert Technical Teams

Being by your side is important, but we need to back this up with technical expertise. Fortunately, we achieve this with ease. With vendor-certified professionals on our team, as well as a proactive approach to the evolving landscape of modern IT, we go above and beyond for our clients.

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What our clients say

We outsourced and entrusted TrueIT with our journey to the cloud over 3 years ago. TrueIT have proved themselves innovative, invaluable and provide excellent service. Our IT issues are always resolved professionally and efficiently. Adamantem Capital highly recommends TrueIT to any company that requires a trusted IT partner which they can rely on.
Outsourcing our IT to TrueIT is one of the best decisions we’ve made. They have helped up transition from on-prem to cloud smoothly and efficiently. The biggest benefit with having TrueIT is really being able to sleep at night knowing that we have a team of professionals behind the scenes watching our back. Having that confidence really allows us to focus on our core business.
As an IT Manager I found TrueIT to be a fantastic addition to our team. TrueIT manage our cloud services and provide excellent advise and support whenever required. TrueIT help me do what I do but better and I have peace of mind just knowing that everything is going to work, and it’s going to keep working with TrueIT by my side.
Managing our Australian branch offices with no internal IT staff is challenging and I am so glad we found the right partner in TrueIT to help us. Their support services is extremely responsive and accurate in fixing any issues. TrueIT were also instrumental in helping us upgrade to Next Generation firewall in our Sydney branch office. A professional team and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend TrueIT as your trusted IT Partner.
It was an absolute pleasure working with the TrueIT team to migrate our legacy systems into state of the art, best of breed virtualised infrastructure. TrueIT spent time to thoroughly understand our end to end requirements and accurately scoped out the project, ensured timely delivery and on budget. We continue to use TrueIT from time to time and find them to be an informative, sedulous and honest provider of IT services.
We were experiencing lots of issues with our previous IT provider and decided to engage TrueIT. It was one of the best decision as they were quick to resolve all immediate issues, map out a plan for Office365 migration and upgrade our FileMaker application. It’s a pleasure working with TrueIT and I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a reliable and skilled IT team.
TrueIT helped us migrate to the cloud from our old IT systems. They were very thorough with the migration and ensured that the transition to the cloud was seamless and every single user concerns were addressed promptly. It’s comforting to know that TrueIT manage our backups and provide regulars system checks to ensure we are well protected. If you want a quality, transparent and trustworthy IT team by your side then look no further than TrueIT.
Our IT systems were continuously failing and past its end of life. We were refereed to TrueIT who quickly identified our issues and provided a complete cloud solution. Within two weeks from introduction TrueIT were able to complete the migration to Microsoft365 and decommission legacy systems putting our minds at ease. While other vendors recommended costly solutions, TrueIT were cost effective, very responsive and professional in their approach.

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